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Marketing professional w/ 10+ experience writing blog articles, web content, e-newsletters, & press releases (in AP Style); Social media management expertise & CRM, CMS and Cloud solutions savvy.

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Thanksgiving article

Five Tips for an Affordable Holiday Dinner

Written by April Crews Published: November 2013
Sometimes in the spirit of the holiday, we overdo it. While it may be a special occasion, don’t forget that it’s still important to save money wherever possible.


8 Questions to Ask before Opening a Bank or Credit Union Account

Banks are for-profit corporations, owned by stockholders. Credit unions, on the other hand, are non-profit cooperatives, owned by the members. The second difference is that banks serve the general public, and anyone can open an account with one. With credit unions, due to a federal statute (12 U.S. Code, Chapter 14), you must be affiliated with a particular employer, association or community organization (such as a church or social group), or be a family member of someone who falls into that category.

Written by April Crews
Published: 15 May 2014

2014 consumer action handbook article

Order Free Copy of the GSA Consumer Handbook

Written by April Crews
Published: 16 July 2014
Like civilians, servicemembers and their families make many financial decisions every day on everything from where to eat and buy groceries to choosing where to bank and what type of credit card to apply for – all of which must be made wisely in order to make a positive impact on our lives. The GSA Consumer Action Handbook was created to help you with these types decisions. Visit the Consumer Action Handbook website page and download or order your copy today!